Image: Vehicle Vinyls from Neographics


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Tommy Sheils - Central HeatingTommy Sheils - Central Heating

Tommy contacted Neographic to get his first van signage for his company asking us to design, produce and install the graphics for him along with also including the corgi registered logo and his number.

Image: Subaru Graphics by NeographicsImage: Subaru Graphics by Neographics

Customer contacted Neographic to have graphics supplied for his Subaru Impreza in gold, we supplied him with a full Subaru graphics kit that included sponsors stacks, sponsor decals, spoiler decals and the turbo technics lettering for his sunstrips

Image:  Graphics by NeographicsImage:  Graphics by Neographics

AK GRAHAM ELECTRICS LIMITED ford connect van with red graphics produced to replicate the other vans in his fleet and the niceic logo in 2 colour.

Image:  Graphics by Neographics

Customer came to Neographic firstly to supply him with a yellow Subaru graphics kit for his blue Subaru the customer then came back to Neographic for a second kit in 2 colours for his silver MG ZS 180 which is his latest car.

Image: Client on Jetski Tommy Sheils - Central Heating

This customer contacted us after having his jetski resprayed, looking for graphics after a discussion he went with the Yamaha flame for the back each side, the Yamaha round flame for the sides and the superjet 701 for the handlebar and a animal logo below it all in silver, with the customer also agreeing to have a couple of neographic’s own graphics on his jetski.